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Morning! Happy Sunday!

New post alert over on my new blog. Click HERE for some light Sunday reading, I would love it if you did… I say light, it’s actually a bit of a long one (oops)!

Also drop by and let me know what you think of Beauty On Crackers, I would love your advice and input, after all, it’s you guys who are reading it!

Much love x

NEW BLOG – I’m Moving, Come Join Me!

Oh hey there – long time no speak!

Firstly, allow me to apologise for the lack of updates in the last few weeks. And by lack of updates, I mean no updates at all and there’s probably no getting around the fact that we’re probably into multiple months now of no new posts. So for this, I am sorry. I absolutely did not intend to be gone for so long. I decided to take a break from writing for a week or so and one thing lead to another and I now find myself explaining why there has been no fresh content in what seems like forever.

Those of you who read all of my posts will have probably sensed that I was feeling slightly overwhelmed with the pressure that comes with daily blogging, holding down a full time job and everything else that life had up it’s sleeve to throw at me. So after writing this post, I decided to listen to my own advice and step away from the keyboard for a little (which turned into a long) while. In the past few weeks I have been enjoying putting my energy into other things but more recently I have been feeling the blogging itch which I have just been unable to scratch and as my fingers tap the keys, I can already feel the relief.

There have been a few other things about blogging that resulted in me stepping away but the main thing that made me close the laptop was my blog in general – not a good sign, right? I wasn’t too pleased with the layout, I was feeling under pressure to produce fresh ideas daily, leading to me uploading mediocre content and I also began to dislike the blog title. I realised that the little niggles I had about my blog where the three most important ingredients in the recipe and more importantly, if I wasn’t happy with it, chances are you wouldn’t be either!

So, after a break and many conversations back and forth in my head, I have decided to start fresh, because when was a fresh start ever a bad idea? And by starting fresh, I mean starting again. From scratch. A new name, a new design, a new upload schedule, a new platform… A NEW BLOG! Yup, I’m starting a new blog and I would love nothing more than for you to join me!

Okay, so I may have told a bit of a porkie – I will be taking the majority of my Lauren Essence posts with me, I spent a lot of time on them so i’m not about to just chuck them in the trash now. So, with that minor technicality aside, I’m heading on over to Blogger to begin the Beauty On Crackers journey which you can find HERE. No need to be alarmed, I may have a new blog but I’m still the same old me that loves nothing more than to ramble on about beauty with a bit of lifestyle thrown in there for good measure.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your coat and come on over to check out my new little corner of the internet – You’re welcome any time!!!