Lip Liner Obsession!

IMG_0646Long before the ‘did she or didn’t she?’ speculation over Kylie Jenner’s lips, if you had asked any make up artist what their trick is for a long lasting lip colour and a poppin’ pout, they would all credit one thing… Lip liner! (Unless there is some other magic potion, in which case, please let me in on the secret!)

Whether you use it as a base coat or simply on it’s own, lip liner is the answer to your fading and transfer problems allowing you to dance the night away without the fear of your bold lip deserting you to spend the evening stuck to your glass.

But won’t it dry my lips out, you say? Don’t worry, I’ve got ya covered. It’s simply a case of finding the right formula and a little lip balm, of course!

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Pencil. These are simply luxury for your lips. A little on the pricey side at £16.50 each but if you’re in the mood for a splurge, keep them in mind. Creating a subtle illusion of fuller lips without the whispers.

MAC Lip Pencil. A colour to suit every skin tone and a texture that will  leave your lips kissably soft. Once these bad boys are on, they’re not coming off (an oil based make up remover is advisable).

NYX Lip Pencil. The creamy texture of a lip stick with the precision of a pencil. Cheap as chips and wonderful as a base coat for your main colour.

Rimmel Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner. A formula that glides on effortlessly with no bleeding and it’s available at the drugstore? Boom! Just be careful not to be too heavy handed or these suckers will snap on you.

Time Machine Please?

high schoolI’m pretty sure if we were handed a time machine there are plenty of things we would change, I know that if I could, I would change a lot. I’d have more conversations with loved ones who I can only talk to now in my head. I’d work harder at school and take all the advice on board that was given to me and I’d take a look in the mirror and ask myself what the bloody hell I was thinking!!!!!

I know I’m not the only one that looks back at pictures of high school and cringes… At least I hope not! So if I was by some magical power granted a time machine, in addition to the above of course, I’d have a serious chat with myself and learn these 10 beauty tips.

01. Polka straight hair stuck to your head is not flattering. It doesn’t make you cool and neither does that random piece of hair hanging out the front of your pony tail.

02. More hairspray is not more! There is no need to spray a rock hard layer of product onto your hair unless you plan on bungee jumping, in which case, that is what helmets are for!

03. Embrace your curls. I get tons of compliments on the natural curly hair I spent years trying to get rid of!

04. It’s called foundation, not war paint. I really would have benefited from knowing that the proper use for foundation is to enhance the skin, not make it a completely different colour!

05. People can see your neck! If you are going to slap the war paint on, at least have the courtesy to put it on your neck and avoid offending people’s eyes with that hideous orange jaw line.

06. Bright blue, glittery eyeshadow. Just no!

07. Some definition never hurt anyone. When I look back at photos of myself with thick foundation, mascara and nothing else, it makes me want to scrub my face out the picture. A little blush would have gone a long way!

08. Moisturise! For the love of God Lauren, moisturise. I didn’t start till I was roughly 18 and boy did my skin suffer for it.

09. Don’t touch your eyebrows. I vividly remember shaving my eyebrows in a bid for the perfect shape. Undoubtedly, my worst ever beauty mistake! Only now am I beginning to get my natural, thick shape back. Girls, resist the urge, you’ll thank me later.

10. Be confident. I think the reason why I wore so much slap is because I desperately wanted to change what I looked like. When I think back now, I realise I had nothing to worry about and instead of enhancing my big eyes and lips, I tried to cover everything up.

If I had another chance at high school (which I wouldn’t thank you for, that was a horrible time!) I would teach myself to love my features, after all, they make me special! I’d leave the make up for another time like when I actually know how to use it and I’d worry a little less.

Remember, you are beautiful and you do not need to cover up!


The Pencil Case That You’ll Want Under Your Tree This Christmas


IMG_0644Pull up a chair, pay attention and get writing those letters to Santa because Nars’ latest Christmas drop will have your lips lusting after these pencils.

Introducing the Nars Digital World Lip Pencil Coffret – probably the most expensive pencil case you’ll ever own but boy will it be worth it.

Retailing at £32 and exclusive to Space NK, this snazzy Christmas box contains every lip colour and finish for any make up look you could possibly want.

Embrace your inner child this Christmas and ask for your dream pencil case that will leave you looking drop dead gorgeous!

Set contains:

  • Satin Lip Pencil Torres Del Paine
  • Satin Lip Pencil Descanso
  • Satin Lip Pencil Yu
  • Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Iberico
  • Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Cruella

My MAC Must Haves

IMG_0640My relationship with MAC kind of reflects that of your best friend at school that you don’t see that much anymore but you know when the chips are down, they will have your back and always pull through for you… Yes, I did just compare make up to human interaction. Let’s accept it and move on.

In all seriousness though, as a make up junkie, I am constantly seeking out new brands and wanting to experiment with exciting new products, but these are the items I always revert back to when everything else fails.

Warm Neutrals Pallet. All the colours and textures you could ever hope for to achieve any kind of neutral smokey eye… There are even a few pops of colour in there! The formula of MAC eyeshadows are simply divine and make blending a little bit less of a chore.

Mineralise Skin Finish. Beautiful used as a finishing powder to give that ‘lit from within’ look without looking like a disco ball! The darker colours also give a subtle warmth to the face without looking like you’ve just watched TOWIE and caught a serious case of tan envy.

Creme Cup Lipstick. The pale girl’s perfect nude. A beautiful light pink that won’t leave you looking washed out. The cremesheen formula leaves your lips feeling nourished without the need for a balm underneath.

217 Brush. With this miracle tool in your kit, you’ll never need to spend money on expensive eyeshadows again. Unless like me, you’re addicted and simply need every new pallet you lay your eyes on! This brush will take all the work out of your smokey eye look and no one needs to know it look you 5 colours to achieve it!

21 Lessons In My 21st Year

21 Lessons In My 21st Year (1)Being a January baby, in addition to a fresh start and a list of resolutions that I’m probably never going to follow through on, the new year brings a new age. My experience of twenty one wasn’t quite what I bargained for and has proved to be in stark contrast to my expectations. It faced me with the harsh reality that I’m not going to have life figured out for quite some time yet. And you know what, that’s actually okay! I’ve come to realise that I’m a little more savvy with a milestone year under my belt. Here is what being twenty one has taught me…

o1 – I don’t know everything

Don’t tell my mum I said that… Despite constantly trying to prove to the world that me and only me knows what’s best, more often than not it’s still okay to rely on your loved ones for help. Sometimes it’s even necessary.

02 – I won’t get there overnight

I always had it in my head that by 21, I’d be living it up in Manhattan with my dream job and the world at my feet, when in reality, I still live in my family home with a job that I only kind of like. It’s going to take a lot of time and even more hard work to land that dream job – whatever that even is! But I’ve got plenty of time to do it.

03 – I still need time

The worst thing about being in the ‘twenties’ bracket is that I don’t yet feel like a fully formed adult. Or a fully formed human for that matter! There’s still loads of stuff that I need to figure out like how to fold my clothes without them creasing before I can consider myself an adult.

04 – It takes work.

As you get older and don’t see your friends in the playground every day, it takes a lot of effort on both sides to maintain friendships. As our lives become increasingly busier, we have to actively make time for those we care about and in the end, that extra effort will be more than worth it.

05 – Honey life is just a classroom

I couldn’t reflect on life without a Taylor Swift quote, come on! Seriously though, people are going to talk about you whether you’re doing good or bad. If you get caught up in what other people think, you’ll never win.

06 – My mum is an actual person

I know, it’s crazy! t’s almost like she had a life before I was born!… Actually, that is the case and for the most part, she’s been through all the crappy stuff that i’m struggling with. That alone apart from the fact she knows me better than anyone leaves her more than qualified to give me advice.

07 – We all have feelings

Cut people some slack, we’re all on the same boat. We all struggle in some way or another and we we’re all somebody’s children. Be kind to people, it doesn’t cost anything.

08 – Why so serious?

Cut yourself some slack. If someone was standing next to you saying all the things you say to yourself in your head, would you put up with it? Of course not, you’d tell them to do one! Be kind to yourself, because there are plenty of other people who will be mean to you.

09 – I’m not always right

Despite my convincing arguing skills, sometimes I just have to wave the white flag and admit defeat. I don’t know everything there is to know about life and why would I want to? Life would just be boring!

10 – More importantly apologise when you’re wrong

And be sincere about it.

11 – Jealousy is rife 

It’s a horrible thing, yet a natural feeling. It’s not like we want to be jealous of other people, right? Nonetheless, we all go through it and whether you think yourself worthy or not, other people will be jealous of you, it may even lead them to do nasty things. Don’t let it get you down, as soon as you recognise jealousy for what it is, it becomes a lot easier to pity the person and let go of any anger.

12 – Hard work pays off

If you really want something, then you’re gonna have to work for it, no one is in the business of giving handouts for free I’m afraid… Unless you win the lottery, then you’re just a lucky bugger and you should enjoy every minute! If you really put your all into something, it will pay off, albeit not over night.

13 – Never sell yourself short

If you say something often enough, people will believe it. Always sell the best version of you.

14 – Be your own champion

Some people are just plain old bullies. It’s just a fact, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stand for it. I’m all for making avoiding confrontation when possible but my no manner does that mean that you have to be a doormat. Know yourself, know your limits and stand by them.

15 – I’m worth it

Even though I’m not in a L’oreal advert, I’m still worthy. I am worthy of people’s time and love and so are we all! This is one that I still really struggle with and although I don’t feel like it nearly enough, it’s true. Someone loves you, remember that!

16 – I’m a work in progress

My likes and dislikes are constantly changing and I’ve come to learn that I’m a fickle little thing. I’m a growing organism and I’m going to develop and go through phases and some will be better than others.

17 – Ignorance is not bliss

There’s lots of close-minded people out there but that doesn’t mean that you can be too. Knowledge is power and enables you to make informed decisions. Take every opportunity to learn something new.

18 – Just say yes

Experience things, put yourself out there and let people get to know the real you. Step away from your computer for once and go and have fun in the real world. It has a lot to offer!

19 – It’s also okay to say no

Be your own person and make your own decisions. If you want to skip that party because you would rather not mix with that group of people that bring you down or you would rather save your cash for something else, that’s your decision and your right, stick with it!

20 – I’ll never be perfect

In fact, the word just annoys me now. My definition of perfect will almost certainly differ from yours and yours from the next person. So why put all of your energy into something that doesn’t really exist? I’ve come to accept that I’ll never be a Victoria Secret model, nor will I have good, kind thoughts 100% of the time! I can only strive to be the best version of myself and that’s more than good enough.

21 – It’s okay!

Apparently life is going to continue to be full of ups and downs and I’m just going to have to roll with it. Like my mum always says ‘it will all be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.’

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer: The Drugstore Rival

IMG_0624Introducing the wonder pen that’s been giving my beloved Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer a run for it’s money in the race to the no.1 spot… L‘oreal Perfect Match Concealer.

It’s thick but not cakey, it’s illuminating but not glittery, it’s super creamy but not slippery and best of all it’s drugstore so it won’t break the bank!!

This concealer has the amazing quality that makes me love the Nars concealer which I raved on about HERE. While I still love it and it does still hold the title, I don’t have to endure the guilt that plagues me for using an expensive concealer for everyday. At under a tenner, you can slap on as much product  as you want and conceal till your little heart is content without feeling too bad.

The handy pen allows you to sweep away those under eye circles in one motion and is really beautiful when patted onto the skin. The only flaw, if you would even call it that, is that the brush could be a little wider, but that’s just down to personal preference (and me being a right fussy bugger)!

In my eyes, L’oreal can do no wrong when it comes to bases and they’ve outdone themselves again, so for this, I applaud you!

Powders That Finish First

IMG_0614 IMG_0616You’ve spent the last 20 minutes applying your make up for the party you’ve been not so patiently anticipating for weeks. You look in the mirror, chuffed with the face staring back at you – yeah, your skills are on point. You had planned the perfect make up look to go with your new dress and you’re ready to boogie, but not before applying a layer of powder of course to absorb any oil that secrets while you’re strutting your stuff on the dance floor! And then it happens… Your whole look is ruined in two seconds with a layer of heavy, cakey powder that clings to the dry patches and gathers in all the wrong places. Doesn’t really set the mood to begin the best night ever, does it?

Well, the last minute scramble to salvage your night out make up is all a thing of the past. It’s time to stick your powder foundation to the back of the drawer for those days when you’re grateful for the extra coverage and let your base do the talking. Once your look is complete, all you need is a light layer of finely milled powder to keep shine at bay.

Any sheer powder will do the job, although, I do have favourites for separate occasions.

For those nights when you know there’s going to be cameras galore, get your selfie game right with Make Up Forever HD Powder which will make your skin appear smooth like butter. Perfect for those with more mature or problem skin.

We all have days when our skin is so dull, it just looks straight up grey. I have more of these days than I’d like to admit, however, the problem is easily solved with an illuminating finishing powder to liven things up a bit. My favourite that I always go back to is the MAC Mineralise Skin Finish in Light.

If you’re feeling slightly spendy and are in need of a little luxury in your life then the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder is for you. It’s perfect for smoothing over creases, not to mention it will look ever so chic pulled out of your hand bag!

Lastly for a good ole’ budget all rounder, the Bourjois Healthy Mix Powder certainly isn’t top of the class, but it’s a trusty staple that I can always rely on to do the job properly. And if you lose it on a night out, it’s not going to break the bank to replace.

The Guilt Free Gloop

IMG_0610A bit of a different post from me but we’ll roll with it…

I know I’m not alone in the constant battle to satisfy my sweet tooth whilst still being able to fit into my skinny jeans and as sweets like to play little mind tricks and guilt trips, I’ve been searching for an alternative to aid in my 8pm sugar meltdown. I may have come to a solution in the form of an ice cream substitute, albeit, a temporary solution till I’m back to craving my Cadbury’s chocolate buttons an hour later – the struggle is real!

All you need for this is one chopped up frozen banana and the flavour of your choice – simple! Just whack your banana and flavouring into the blender and presto, you have a delicious guilt free desert. Feel free to add some almond milk if you find there’s just a little too much gloop!

Take your pick from endless flavours such as Nutella, peanut butter, strawberries, coconut, caramel, the list goes on and on!!!

I’d love to hear some of your guilt free treat ideas!!

Dashing Out The Door

IMG_0609It’s come to my attention that I have two serious problems that need sorting out. The first being that I’m always in the bad books with my bank account – it cries a little every time I purchase a new make up item that I ‘need’ and the second being that I’m constantly sleeping through my alarm. Dragging yourself out from under a warm, cosy duvet on a pitch black, freezing cold morning should really be considered a form of torture! Although, you know what they say… Every cloud, right?

As I continue to feed my unhealthy make up addiction, I’m always coming up with new products that can cut down my morning routine and still leave me in a somewhat presentable state to leave the house in – and by presentable, my aim is not to scare any children I see on the street! Secondly, as my loosing streak with the 6am battle continues, I’ve come to terms with the fact that sometimes, you’ve just gotta slap something on and hope for the best…

I’ve recently discovered the Dr Jart BB Cream (I know, where have I been?) and it’s become my best friend when I don’t have time to colour match or mess around with brushes. I can just rub a pea size drop of lotion onto my face and watch the dark colour disappear to blend with the colour of my skin in seconds. For slightly more coverage, I just pop on a thicker concealer where required and bam, base done!

To add some life back into my face, I dot a light pink blush on the apples of my cheeks and coat my lashes with some mascara, okay okay, a lot of mascara. Check out my favourite HERE. Then I just fill in the arch of my brows and I’m good to go. Or at least I won’t horrify poor strangers with my ‘I woke up like dis’ face, no one wants to see that… Trust me!

Must Have Makeup Brushes

IMG_0608They’re probably not essential, but who doesn’t love the feeling of a soft fluffy brush gliding across their face? Plus, when it comes to make up application, they fight the battle for you and blend everything together – we don’t be wanting them harsh lines… No, but seriously, we don’t!

It was a tough decision but cuts were made from over 50 brushes to trim it down for my round up of my must have makeup brushes that I’ve stumbled upon so far.

Charlotte Tilbury Powder & Sculpt This brush just brings it in every department. If my brush collection was a high school, this gem would be the queen bee, it literally has it all! The perfect size to give even my round face the illusion of cheek bones and works perfectly for dusting powder over the face. The only brush with a permanent residence in my make up bag and will remain that way until some dark horse that I haven’t yet encountered gives it a run for it’s money.

Real Techniques Brushes I’m not copping out when I say that I really do love all the brushes from this range, the Pixiwoo sisters can do no wrong! They’re extremely easy to clean, super soft and super affordable. You can pick them up from your local Boots or Superdrug. With that being said, my all time favourites are the buffing brush (my favourite foundation brush of all time), the multi task brush (does what it says on the tin) and the setting brush, which I actually use for concealer.

Mac 217 It seems as though everyone and their granny bangs on about this brush, however, not without good reason! It will be your best friend if you struggle with a smokey eye. The triple threat that will pack on colour, define your crease and blend out any harsh lines. A real must have for any eye look.